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  • Jamshedpur is ready to host 40th NTPC Senior National Archery Championship
  • Jyothi exhibited stupendous performance & played key role in winning 3 Silver for INDIA
  • Congratulations Abhishek Verma for being elected to World Archery's Athletes Committee

Government Compliance

1 Name of the organisation ARCHERY ASSOCIATION OF INDIA
2 Date of last election held along with the details of the electoral college of the said election

18th January, 2020. Electoral College of the Elections of the AAI Executive Committee is attached as Annexure'A'

3 Details of recognition of International/Asian body. (Copy of letter to posted) Attached as Annexure 'B'
Name & contact details of office bearers President Hony.Secretary General Hony.Treasurer
Address 25, Tuglaq Lane, New Delhi-110011 Deshpande Wadi, Shilangan Road, Amravati-444605, Maharashtra 231, Lane 2, Mandir lane, Vanasthali, Ballupur, Dehradun-248001, Uttrakhand
Tel.No. 011-21411424/21411425 91-9021011907 91-9412059567
Mail id
Tenure till (specify date) 4 years 17th January, 2024 4 years 17th January, 2024 4 years 17th January, 2024
5 Details of ACTC for the year Attached as Annexure 'C'
6 Annual Audited Accounts for last 3 financial years along with balance sheet (As audited by CA in CAG's Panel) Note : Annual reportfor preceding year to be uploaded by 1st October of the current year. Audited Statement of Accounts for the FYs 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 are attached as Annexure 'D-1' 'D-2' & 'D-3' respectively.
7 Name and contact details of the firm which audited accounts.

M/s.SRGA & Co. (Sandeep Ramesh Gupta & Co.)

Address : 90/31B, First Floor, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110065

Ph.No.: 91-11-40404543 / Email Id :

8 Copy of Valid registration certificate of the federation Attached as Annexure 'E'
i) Constitution of the organization/NSF
Attached as Annexure 'F'
ii) Copy of the Memorandum/Articles of the Associaiton
10 Affiliation criteria of State/UT/Clubs units along with details of voting rights of each unit. Described under Articles 8, 9, 10, 11 and 29 of the AAI Constitution. Attached as Annexure 'F' above.
11 Name of the affiliated units with their registration numbers Attached as Annexure 'G'
12 Name and contact details of the President/Secretary of affiliated units Attached as Annexure 'H'
13 Details of National Championships conducted during the current Calender year. Calendar of National Championships is attached as Annexure 'I'
14 Calendar for National & Zonal Championship to be held during current/next calendar year along with venue.

Attached as Annexure 'I' above.

The situation would be reviewed by the Association time-to-time so as to ensure our archers could get much awaited competition opportunities as soon as normalcy returns.


Details in respect of international events abroad & held in India:- (i) List of core probables and basis of their selection.

(ii) Details of coaching camps organised including venue, dates and list of participants.

(iii) Notification of selection criteria for such events at least 6 months in advance along with the details of time and venue for selection.

(iv) List of athletes selected.

(v) Details of athletes, support personnel and other officials sent to the event along with the amount paid to them towards air fare, boarding & lodging, local transportation, daily allowance etc.This is required to be placed on the website within 15 days of conclusion of the event.

(vi) Performance criteria which formed the basis of selection, actual performance in terms of timing, distance etc and the position obtained by each athlete/team.

(i) List of Core Probables and basis of their selection is attached as Annuxure 'J-1'

(ii) Details of Coaching Camp is on page no. 7 to 11 is attached as Annexure 'C'


(iii) Notification of selection criteria for Tokyo-Olympic Games was issued well in advance. Attached as Annexure 'J-2'.


(iv) Attached as Annexure 'J-1' above


(v)  Events are yet to be concluded.


(vi) Details are yet to be prepared.

16 List of I-cards issued to National Athletes with Name of athletes, I-card No. & Validity date AAI has launched its Online Affiliation Portal for Archers, Coaches, Team Officials, Technical Officials etc. Whosoever gets registered under the system will obtain identity card with a validity of one year.
17 The details of certificates issued by theNSFs to the participants such as the name of athlete, date of event, position obtained by the athlete etc. Attached as Annxeure 'K'
18 Action taken by the NSF for prevention of age fraud. Archery Association of India (AAI) is committed to control age fraud or over-age participation as a part of its aims and objectives. In order to curb the menace of age manipulation from the sports of Archery, the AAI has an effective system in place and a strong set of documentation is required to get the registration done as an athlete for the Nationals. The Association follows the affiliation rules and process strictly with zero tolerance. Authenticity and source of information/document produced by an athlete on account of age proof is checked and verified. The affiliation to athlete for National Championship is granted only on submission of Affiliation Form individually attaching therewith a copy of valid government documentation including birth certificate issued by the competent authorities within one year of the birth or Matriculation Certificate or passport. As a next step towards fair play, the AAI has launched ‘Online Affiliation Portal’ shortly in which athlete is required to upload all the valid documents digitally and Identity Card to cross check at any point of time. Results of championships along with date of births of participants are uploaded on the AAI website too.
19 Notifying/updating the present seleciton Committee for National athletes.

Chairman - Shri Arjun Munda, President, AAI

Convener - Shri Pramod Chandurkar, Hony. Secretary General

Members - 1. Capt.Abhimanyu Sindhu, Sr.Vice-President

2. Dr.Joris Ummacheril Paulose, Joint Secretary

3. Shri Rajendra Singh Tomar, Hony.Treasurer

4. Shri Sanjeeva Kumar Singh, GC Member

20 Note on efforts for having dope free sports and compliance to WADA/NADA Code along with details of cases found positive during the last calendar year and action taken thereof. Archery is not a sports that has a major problem with doping and there is no single instance where Indian Archers have ever found dope positive in any International events but Archery Association of India is active in the fight against using performance- enhancing substance. A few of our top Archers are covered under WADA Testing Pool. NADA also takes samples regularly of top Senior and Junior probables at the time of their coaching camps. Association also circulate the list of banned-substances among the member Associations and other stakeholders. 
21 Details (amount & source) of funds received from other sources, including private sponsors, public sector undertakings, State Government etc.

We get sponsorship / donations from Individuals/Companies.  

An agreement was signed between NTPC and AAI in November, 2018 for three years to support the AAI for holding National Championships and National Ranking Tournaments annually. NTPC also provides apareals to Indian Team.

22 Revenue generated by the NSF on its own.

1. Financial support received from IOA

2. Financial support received from NTPC

3. Affiliation fee out of Online Affiliation Portal

4. Sponsorship/donations from Individual/Companies. 

23 Date of which the website was last updated. 02 August, 2021 


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